Whoopi Goldberg
Pacific Pallisades ,CA
Home Remodel
Berkeley, CA
Victorian Home Restoration ( 100 years old )
West Cornwall ,Conn
Horse Farm Restoration ( over 200 yeqrs old )

Billy Gibbons ( ZZ Top's )
West Hollywood CA
Created 6,000 Sq Ft remodeled Southwestewrn style home

Dwight Yoakum ( Singer/Actor )
Los Angeles ,CA
6,200 Sq Ft Tuscan Style House

Smokey Robinson
Thousand Oaks, CA Finish Carpentry
Hollywood, CA Finish Carpentry

Tom Rathman ( San Franciso 49er )
Redwood Shores ,CA Cabinets

Mathers and Ann Rowley
Davenport ,CA
New construction Craftsman Style house

Dan and Ellen Flamen
Santa Cruz , Ca
Remodeled house Finish Carpentry,Stairs and Cabinets

Wayne Tsuchitani
Santa Cruz , CA
Remodeled House Asian Modern
Cabinets and Finish Carpentry

Jim and Carol Weisenstein
Scott’s Valley , CA
Kitchen Remodel

Jerry and Jeannie Cassili
Sant Cruz ,CA
Finish Carpentry and Stairs

Peter Cartwright Founder of Calpine Energy
Heather Point CA
Finish Carpentry and Cabinets

Pete and Marilou Sorensen
Capitola , CA
Kitchen , Bath, Laundry and Master Closet

Ed and Judy Palak
Boulder Creek , CA
Kitchen,Baths and Living Rm cabinets

Paul and Judy Smith
San Jose , CA
Kitchen and BathCabinets and Stairs

Bill and Sandy Neary
Santa Cruz , CA
Kitchen,Bath, Study and Family Room Cabinets

Tom and Merilou Maoschetti
Santa Cruz, CA
Entertainment Center ( Kitchen any minute )


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